Start Your Crowdfunding Campaign


Step 1

Login / Register
To create a new project, or to donate to a project, you must first login to  Select Member / Login and enter your userid and password.  If you do not have an account, select Member / Register.  Please fill out every field that is required (*) truthfully.  If you are a project owner, we need to verify your credentials in order to deliver payouts.  If you are a donor, we need your full name and address so that the projedt owner may deliver your reward if warranted.  As a donor, if you already have an account and you wish to donate to a project, a login form will be presented to you during the payment process.  If you are a project creator, you need to login first.  Then you may select Crowdfun / Create project.

Step 2

Create Project - Upload Images, Create your Story, Add Rewards.
There are many steps involved in the Create Project phase.  You need to assign your project an informative title.  Then upload an image and crop it for appearance.  The final output of images are 320 x 240 for the crowdfunding thumbnails, and 640 x 480 for the project main image.  A crop tool is included in the program, so you do not need to precrop your images.  Provide a short description of your project, the category that best fits your project, and your location.  If a category is not present that you feel better fits your type of project, please contact us and we will create it.  Next enter the dollar amount that you are looking to raise, and the number of days for the campaign.  The maximum is 90 days.  Next upload a large image of your project and a full length story describing what your project is about and why people should donate to your project.  The next step is to add rewards.  You can have many rewards for different donation levels.  The nextl step is to enter payout information.  You must fill out this information. uses Stripe as our payment system, so you must setup a Stripe account to receive funds.  Either precreate a Stripe account, and then use the setup that is part of to link your Stripe account, or create the account within  You then attach your account to our system to receive funds when the project completes, and only if the project completes successfully.  There is also a section in the project creation wizard that allows you to upload files.  These files will be accessible by the public.  They are in support of your project, such as a business plan, profroma etc.

Step 3

Provide Required Financial Information To Receive Funds.
Once you created your project and click launch, it will not go live until our staff approve your campaign.  We will read through your campaign to verify that your project is in line with our philosophy and goals for  If you are unsure, please contact us first to verify your project prior to spending the time creating your online presence on  Furtheremore, all project owners must provide us with proof of identity so that we may verify who you are.  If at any time that we determine that you have misrepresented yourself, we will cancel the raise and return any funds to the donors.  After you login, select Crowdfun / Proof of Identity and upload the required documents.  We requre 3 forms of Identity.  1). A state or federal provided photo ID card such as a drivers license or passport, 2). A copy of a phone bill or power bill with your name and address, and 3). one more form of identification.  We don't require your social security number, but Stripe will when you link your account to your bank for payment.  Altered documents will not be accepted.  Once we verify you, we will activate your account.

Step 4

Launch Your Campaign And Tell Your Acquaintances.
The final step is to launch your project.  You have gone over your project.  You have checked it for errors, and now you are ready to show potential donors your great idea and project.  Click launch.  An email will be sent to the staff of, and we will review your project, and verify that your financial connection to Stripe is in order.  If all is well, and as we stated before, if the project meets our criteria, we will approve the project for launch.  When we do so, you will receive an email, and your project will be live.  If you wish to discontinue your project temporarily, you may deactivate the launch at any time.  Once a project is launched, you may not change the duration, or the amount of funds that you wish to raise.  You can however, change your imagery, descriptions and rewards.  If you wish to remove a project from your account, deactivate the project, and contact our staff, and we will refund any funds that have been collected, and remove the project from the system.  If you wish to remove your login account, contact our staff as well. does not actually hold any funds that are collected.  All funds are held at Stripe as a hold until they are captured and distributed at the end of the campaign. charges a fee for every transaction as does Stripe. Please see our terms and conditions.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.