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PlaytoLearn K-5 Skills IPhone App

PlaytoLearn K-5 Skills IPhone App

Share with your friends has developed K-5 Skills which is a learning tool iPhone mobile application for students between the grades of K and 5, to help them learn the basics of math, and to expand what they have learned in class. offers mathematical learning games to help students tell time, count money, add, subtract, multiply and divide. Our learning tools had been web applications only, but now are exclusive to mobile devices.  Our first release was to iPhone / iPad and we will soon release to Android devices. 

With funding, we will  release an additional set of learning tools to go along with this initial set.  Down the road, our goal is to create many new learning tools and to expand into science, English and geography and other subjects. We will also expand the complexity of the math skills.  It is our opinion that children are smart and creative, and if given the free reign to learn, they will advance beyond what they are taught in the classroom environment. and the K-5 Skills applications are sponsored and created by Fenzi Designs. We have developed the applications on our own budget and time commitment.  Seventeen (17) years ago we saw a need for children to practice and expand their capabilities beyond what was taught in the classroom. We therefore had developed the website for our local schools and children. Over time however, children and schools throughout the United States as well as other countries began to utilize Starting in 2006, we began to track who was using the site. Since 2006, over 4 million learning tools have been used by individuals and schools. Chart 1 below details school usage of

Chart 1

In all, approximately 2,900 schools utilize Whole classrooms had been logged into allowing students to practice their math skills. Additionally, there are approximately 50,000 individuals (non schools) utilizing  Now that the modernized learning tools are exclusively available as a mobile application, we have opened up the marketplace of PlayToLearn K-5 Skills

Need and Benefit

The need for PlaytoLearn K-5 Skills learning tools is clear. Our goal has been to make our learning tools similar to how teachers instruct students. There are many students throughout the United States that need the extra time to learn outside of the classroom, and many students with learning disabilities. PlaytoLearn K-5 Skills addresses these needs by providing learning tools, which allow students the extra time to learn on their own or with their parents and teachers.

What We Need

With proper funding, would expand into areas presently not covered and thus fill the needs of a majority of K-5 students.

The purpose of this initial funding is to create additional K-5 learning tools which will expand our existing math skills as well as add an initial set of science concepts.  So far, we have paid for everything ourselves over a 17-year period.  We need to move forward and have many ideas, and children will benefit.  With funding, we will be able to set aside dedicated time to create new games to help children learn.  It is our goal eventually, to enroll an additional mobile device programmer who has more advanced skills than myself.  However, this is an expensive proposition.  With full funding, this would be possible, and our dream of providing sophisticated learning tools to K-5 children will be realized.


JEFFREY B. ZIMMERMAN, Ph D., Information Technology Director:

Jeff Zimmerman is Director of IT at Fenzi Media Group and has extensive experience in computer systems and networks, internet and web technologies development, IOS development, e-commerce software design and database design, as well as accounting and management systems and has been an adjunct to the IT, marketing and finance departments of many companies. Jeff has over 20-years of experience with Fortune 500 technology companies, developing IT software, managing IT, designing, developing and executing marketing campaigns, as well as developing innovative Internet technologies. Jeff Zimmerman also has extensive experience in due diligence and financial analysis, evaluating the fundability of biomedical and technology companies.

Jeff created the first release of K-5 skills, developing all programs, and user interfaces.  Robin Endsley-Fenn of Fenzi Media Group is responsible for all art  direction.
Jeff I has spent over 30 years helping corporations and medium-sized companies to develop computer technologies as well as managing IT projects. Jeff has also co-developed Fenzi Media Group,, which is a marketing design and IT firm. We have developed many campaigns for large technology firms, insurance companies, sports franchises as well medium sized businesses.

We have the knowledge and the skills to execute and manage this project.  We have proven ourselves with our first release of K-5 skills as well as the many large corporate projects that we have developed and managed over the years.

Outside of technology, Jeff has also been actively involved in the development of a new USA based rugby league bringing together 24 world-class international rugby teams in a USA based championship tournament. Jeff is also acting CEO of the Vallejo Admirals minor league professional baseball team and has been involved in the development and management of the team. Fenzi has been instrumental in the development and marketing of the Pacifics Baseball Association which includes the Vallejo Admirals, the San Rafael Pacifics, the Sonoma Stompers and the Pittsburgh Mettles.

Jeff attended Vanderbilt University where he received his Ph D., the University of Rochester (New York) and the University of California Santa Cruz.

Thank you for considering


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Start date: 03-10-2018
End date: 06-08-2018


Chart 1 (30.26 KB)

Chart 1 describes the usage of PlayToLearn learning tools by schools throughout the United States