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06/18/2024 /VC Firms

NATO Innovation Fund Makes First Deep Tech Investments to Strengthen Defence and Security

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The NATO Innovation Fund has announced its inaugural equity investments to tackle defense, security, and resilience challenges. The €1 billion fund's initial investments will drive progress in novel materials, manufacturing, AI, and robotics, while also supporting deep tech hubs in regions lacking early-stage startup capital.


The fund collaborates with Allied governments to provide portfolio companies access to defense, government, and commercial markets.  The NATO Innovation Fund's direct investments will remove growth barriers for emerging technologies in Europe and the UK, focusing on AI capabilities and novel materials manufacturing.


The fund has made investments in ARX Robotics, Fractile, iCOMAT, and Space Forge to bolster defense, commercial, and humanitarian applications, enhance AI capabilities, and manufacture advanced semiconductor materials for critical infrastructure. These investments are set to contribute significantly to the Alliance's defense, security, and resilience.


The fund also supports venture capital managers investing in early-stage deep tech, particularly in defense, security, and resilience markets. It aims to boost capacity in regions with high demand for funding, backing funds with expertise in a range of deep tech solutions. The NATO Innovation Fund's backing of Alpine Space Ventures, OTB Ventures, Join Capital, and Vsquared Ventures seeks to empower startups in the space sector, enterprise automation, cybersecurity, fintech infrastructure, and other deep tech domains.


With the support of 24 NATO Allies, the fund finances innovators across various emerging technology sectors, with a commitment to providing deep tech entrepreneurs with long-term support and opportunities to implement their solutions at scale. 


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