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06/18/2024 /VC Firms

Refactor Capital Closes $50M Fund 4 Led by Zal Bilimoria

AI-assisted, human-published

Refactor Capital, led by Zal Bilimoria, a solo capitalist, has successfully closed its fourth fund, securing a total of $50 million. The overwhelming majority of the funding, around 90%, was contributed by existing investors.


This new fund is primarily focused on leading pre-seed and seed investments in bio, climate, and other hard tech startups. Refactor's fourth fund is expected to allocate $1-2 million to each startup, with plans to invest in 20-25 companies over the next three years.


Since its establishment in 2016, Refactor has already invested in over 100 companies, including prominent successes like Solugen and Astranis. The firm's investment portfolio spans diverse fields, such as novel battery technologies, cancer therapies, IVF advancements, and innovations in the $5 trillion chemicals industry, the world's largest industry.


Zal Bilimoria's extensive background includes a tenure as a partner at Andreessen Horowitz and a career involving significant contributions to major tech companies, preceded by the founding of a consumer mobile startup.  Founded in 2016, Refactor, under Zal Bilimoria's leadership, remains dedicated to driving innovation in bio, climate, and hard tech sectors, aiming to revolutionize industries for a sustainable and healthier future.



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